Aikido's focus on harmonious conflict resolution often appeals to parents.

Aikido's focus on harmonious conflict resolution often appeals to parents.

Youth Classes: Weekly Schedule

The regular schedule below will resume in the Fall:
Sunday 10:00am - 10:45am - Youth Ages 9-12
Sunday 11:00am - 11:45am - Youth Ages 6-9

Youth Aikido Class Description

Aikido is a non-competitive Japanese martial art that uses the energy of an attack to neutralize an aggressor. We strive to offer a fun, energetic, yet disciplined environment where children can learn cooperatively to resolve conflicts peacefully. The class curriculum has recently been entirely recreated to make it appropriate to young children on a number of fronts, for example:

  • Aikido principles are reinforced through games and exercises.

  • In addition to technique an emphasis is placed on developing skills in self control, mindfulness, respect for others and personal safety.

  • The new curriculum offers more opportunities to test and earn rank at smaller increments to foster of a sense of achievement on an ongoing basis.

  • Classes and the test requirements are designed to help students better understand the interrelationships between body movements and defensive tactics in a way that makes sense to children.

Who May Participate
The Youth Program is designed for children aged 6-14. Parents are welcome to participate with the children as a family activity.

New members do not need a uniform for the first month of practice. This allows your child to try Aikido without the family making an investment in gear. Should your child decide to stay in the program (or if they want a uniform earlier on) the dojo frequently places group orders for gear and we will be happy to pick up a uniform for you. Typically children's uniforms (called do gi) cost about $40-45 depending on size.

Prospective students and families are welcome to observe a class or try one out for free during any regularly scheduled class time.